Welcome to SalubriousU! Nutrition Stress Sleep Exercise Libido Human Physiology

Welcome to SalubriousU!

The following slides contain a few of the health topics that I will be covering on this site.
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There are a lot of conflicting prescriptions when it comes to nutrition. Like all other facets of health, nutrition should be examined in context for each individual; there is rarely a one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to the foods we eat.


Minimizing stress is vital to disease prevention and happiness. Stress can be present in many different forms, but most of the forms wear down your physical and emotional defenses as well as degrade your well-being.


Deep, uninterrupted sleep provides your body with a prime opportunity to repair itself and leave you fully energized upon waking. Skimping on sleep can lead to a wide array of health problems.


Structured exercise can be very beneficial when done safely and intelligently. It can also cause a whole host of issues when done too frequently, aggressively, or carelessly.


A low sex drive is becoming more and more prevalent among both men and women. Libido is a powerful indicator of vitality and should not be overlooked when improving your health.

Human Physiology

Understanding what goes on in our body when we eat, sleep, exercise, etc., enables us to start to see WHY we should be doing these things. A lot of “healthy” things are recommended by the mainstream without considering their physiological impact.

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